• Wake up to firmer, smoother skin with our organic “living” collagen advanced complex.

    Our Platinum skincare line and repairs naturally the skin on your face and décolleté and leaves you looking youthful. Harness the powers of nature and reclaim your natural beauty one day at a time. Turn back time to restore the youth you were born with.

  • Rejuvenate with Genuine Collagen Graphite organic lift formulated as total body, hair and nails treatment.

    For a fraction of the surgery price put plastic surgeons out of business and enjoy your newfound confidence. Excellent healing and anti-inflammatory properties make it perfect aftershave balm or remedy for skin irritations or sunburns.

  • Empower your body with Colvita; the best anti-aging and weight control supplement on the market.

    Our extraordinary collagen supplement with most potent ingredients will make your skin smooth, soft and perfectly hydrated leaving you looking and feeling amazing. Colvita uses collagen, algae and Vitamin B to provide you with youthful skin from the inside out.

  • Combining our products helps you achieve the best transformative effects of any skin care line on the market.

    Our Cosmetic Skincare Line is completely paraben free, never tested on animals and was created for demanding and knowledgeable customer to support and enhance the permanent results of Genuine Collagen organic products.


Genuine Collagen 100% Natural Formula remedies all skin issues with results far beyond just anti-aging. Get rid of rushes, irritations (aftershave), tanning, burn or frost damage, dry skin or lips, damaged heels and hands. Take care of yourself using what nature has already provided. Don’t use harmful chemical-based skin products that will hurt you and never guarantee permanent results. Our “live” Collagen Molecule is the only organic solution, more than just the best effective and safe skincare. Genuine Collagen has been impressing customers and doctors alike with our natural and healthy anti-aging care. See what everyone is talking about.

Video Testimonials

Genuine Collagen has the support of the medical community through doctors, clinical studies and satisfied users confirming our product’s restorative effects. Their support proves that we are the only permanently effective, natural collagen anti-aging product on the market.

Doctor’s testimonial (1 min video)

Genuine Collagen has been enthusiastically received by customers of all types and age brackets for one simple reason; Genuine Collagen works! Testimonials from real people like you and amazing 99.9% customer satisfaction rate are our best credentials.

Customer’s testimonial (1min video)

Why Genuine Collagen?

All Natural:
100% natural, hypoallergenic, paraben, dye and fragrance free. Contains 45% of pure, active “living” collagen molecules. No chemicals.
Caprylyl glycol (Click to see what is it)
Elastin (Click to see what is it)
Lactic acid (Click to see what is it)

Lasting results

Genuine Collagen’s effects are always fulfilling and lasting. Simple organic formulation allows the nature to do the work. Time length needed to achieve certain results will vary upon individual skin condition, age, diet etc. as well as the extent of damage. Short term effects will be visible after few days/weeks of using the product, and the more permanent, long term results will be apparent within weeks/months. Genuine Collagen requires persistence but the results are rewarding and as lasting as nature.

Active molecule

Genuine Collagen is the only cosmetic product on the market that contains active “living” hydrated collagen molecule in perfectly stable condition. Because the molecule is biologically active it has the ability to absorb into skin tissue, penetrate through all skin layers and supply collagen production as well as induce our cells to produce more of its own collagen; the real key to effective and lasting skin rejuvenation. For more check Genuine Collagen/Science Behind section.


Genuine Collagen doesn’t contain any chemical substances as opposed to practically all other cosmetics. Therefore it is the best choice for anybody especially with sensitive and allergenic skin. Our collagen is also derived from fish which makes it very rare to cause any type of allergic reaction. Genuine Collagen due to its entirely natural composition is a perfect choice for any skin type or issue. It is very adaptable and versatile. Whether your skin is dry, oily or mixed – no difference, no problem.



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