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1. I am interested in trying genuine collagen but it seems rather expensive. You say your product is affordable. Can you explain?

While the unit price of genuine collagen may seem high, you need to look at our product from the “less is more” perspective to understand its true value. Because you need very little of our product to achieve maximum results, a 200ml Platinum bottle of genuine collagen will last you six months. That averages out to about $1.50 a day! A 200ml bottle of our full body Graphite genuine collagen costs you as little as $2.60 per day! Compare that with other skin care products on the market! Of course if you take advantage of one of the fabulous promotional programs, deals and discounts we offer, your savings will be even greater!


2. Why do I feel a tightening sensation when I apply genuine collagen to my skin?

The tightening sensation you feel is nothing more than genuine collagen being absorbed into your skin. This sensation dissipates in a few moments or once moisturizer is applied.


3. Why does genuine collagen have to be applied to damp skin?

Damp skin is essential to the success of our product because water is the carrying agent that helps genuine collagen permeate into the skin. If our product is applied to dry skin, flaking may result and genuine collagen will not absorb properly. Flaking can also occur if you use too much product. Remember, less is more with genuine collagen. A fingertip size amount is all you need.


4. Can I use other skin care products along with genuine collagen?

Yes, but be sure to apply them AFTER applying genuine collagen, otherwise, they will inhibit the absorption of genuine collagen to your skin. And don’t wait too long after cleansing your skin to apply product. The oil glands of certain skin types quickly replace excess oil removed during cleansing, and these secretions may prevent genuine collagen from penetrating the skin properly.


5. How often should I apply genuine collagen?

Twice a day is sufficient. In the case of severe sunburn, more frequent applications may be necessary.


6. Can I use genuine collagen products if I have skin sensitivities and allergies?

Yes, in fact, our products are well suited for individuals with sensitive skins. If you are concerned about the possibility of an allergic reaction to our product, however, we recommend this simple test. Apply a small amount of genuine collagen to damp skin on the inside of your elbow for three days. If a rash or blotchiness develops, discontinue use.


7. Why should I apply genuine collagen after sunbathing?

The more you tan the more frequently you should apply genuine collagen to restore and repair your skin. Always apply the product immediately after sunbathing. Doing so will ease the discomfort, help you sleep more soundly and prevent your skin from peeling. We guaranteed the results.


8. Why must I store genuine collagen between 41-79 degrees Fahrenheit?

Just like every active protein, genuine collagen is temperature sensitive. The collagen in our product maintains its potency only when stored in this temperature range. When stored outside of 41-79°F, the collagen molecules lose their composition and effectiveness. The reason other cosmetics containing collagen have no temperature requirements is because their collagen consists of nothing more than a bundle of inert amino acids, which are not capable of penetrating and rejuvenating the skin.


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