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What our actual customers say about Genuine Collagen and Colvita. Our Testimonials are backed by real life people who you can actually talk to if you would like. They are real and can be contacted. Just ask us to arrange that for you.

Tommy Dean from Bartlett, IL: “My face was peeling like a snake after too much sun exposure. This gel smoothed my skin and took the red away. I love it!”
Ami C. owner of Designs by Mon Ami in Geneva, IL: “Genuine Collagen is fantastic after a micro-dermabrasion procedure. My guests love how their face looks and feels immediately!”
Robin Green from Naperville, IL: “I am a 50 year old woman with hormonal acne that tends to break out around the jaw line. I have been under a dermatologist’s care, and have had some improvement, but nothing compared to when I started using Genuine Collagen. “I noticed an instant improvement! I am a firm believer in Genuine Collagen and have become a “Genuine Collagen Addict!”
Darina Shane from Park Ridge, IL: “I have used it, love it and will definitely use it more!”
Jennifer Moore from Eden Prairie, MN: “Genuine Collagen worked great on my surgical scar on my neck!!”
Joanna Wise from Elmwood Park, IL: “Genuine Collagen is the best rejuvenating product I’ve ever tried. I can literally feel my skin becoming firm and smooth again. It’s visible on my face and all over the body too. I am definitely an enthusiast!”
Sofia Borelli owner of Sofia Med Spa in Frankfort, IL: “My adventure with Genuine Collagen has begun in year 2007 and the relationship goes stronger and stronger! I use it for my services, my clients love it, and it is my best selling product. It really works and I’m glad I discovered Genuine Collagen!”
Suzanne Leigh from Brighton, MI: “I’ve been using Genuine Collagen for over a year now and I’m happy with results. (…) I really like the product.”
Cheryl from Batavia, IL: “I have been using Genuine Collagen, everyday, for the last three months. I use it on my stretch marks that I have had since my first child, 21 years ago. The stretch marks are on my breasts. Although the stretch marks have not disappeared, the dark color on them has faded. Also, they are not as deep as they use to be. I no longer feel like they stand out. I am comfortable wearing a lower cut or v-neck shirt these days. I will continue to use the Genuine Collagen daily, I am very happy with the results.”
Galina Safonov owner of Gala Skin Care Spa, Arlington Highs, IL: “I use Genuine Collagen myself and offer it in my services. My friends and clients are amazed with my new, better look. I even sleep and feel better because of Genuine Collagen ‘s advantages and my clients love it too!”
Jim Buchanan from Des Plaines, IL: “I use Genuine Collagen every day, best after shave ever! It does miracles with my skin and when I added Colvita to my daily routine, results got even better!”
Monika Clark from Chicago, IL: “Great product! It’s my addiction now!”
Christina Cosen from Covington, GA: “I love Genuine Collagen (…) it has retrieved and sustained my healthy skin tone. I love the way it makes my face feel and the smooth effects it has on my skin.”
Grace Tokarski from Chicago, IL: “I had my arm very badly burnt, I tried Genuine Collagen Graphite on it and all the damage is gone! My arm looks like nothing has ever happen and my friends say it’s a miracle. Thank you!”
Josephine Mikrut from Lakeview, IL: “It is very important to me that all products I use are organic and natural. Genuine Collagen and Colvita are that way and they work like nothing I’ve been using before. It is my daily routine now to apply Genuine Collagen, and Colvita became my main dietary supplement – together they work great, I feel beautiful outside and healthy inside!”


What our actual customers say about our service:


Jeannie Kalinowski from N. Barrington, IL: “Great service and fast shipping – thank you!”
Grace Eckland from Lake Geneva, WI: “My product got damaged during shipping; I asked for replacement and got the new bottle promptly. Everybody should act that way – high quality customer service.”


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